Quality Matters..

We work hard to keep all stakeholders in touch with changes to the service that we provide. Newsletters are produced and meetings held at critical points to ensure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to gain information about the home. General consultation meetings prove popular in order to enable all stakeholders to contribute to the running of their home, and comment on the service they receive.

Medication audits continue to be carried out monthly and action is taken to correct errors or omissions. An audit of documentation has been carried out to ensure completion of required information. Other studies are carried out throughout the year and the home takes place in research by hospitals and universities wherever possible.

All rooms have a copy of the information required to make a comment or complaint to the home or to The Commission for Social Care Inspection. To view our latest inspection report from the Commission for Social Care click here.

This summarises the quality assurance program that stakeholders can expect to take place within the home each year. Quality assurance must first and foremost ensure that the quality of care and daily living at the home is maintained and improved wherever possible, but should also allow stakeholders to be involved in the running of the home and its progression.

If you would like to make any suggestion regarding quality assurance initiatives at the home please do not hesitate to contact us.

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