Specialist Care..

We are now able to offer 4 rooms for larger wheelchairs, up to 1200mm wide and overhead hoisting up to 28 stone.

Bariatric rooms have doorway width of 1300mm into the room and into the shower room.

Double doors out to courtyard and access around the home. A full range of bariatric equipment can be provided.

There are “safe” areas available for people with memory impairment or cognitive deficit.

If you require more information about specialist services please contact Clare Tredrea on 01202 761449 or email clare@branksomeparkcare.co.uk.

Assessment and admission procedure

For many people admission into a care home can be a worrying time. People in need of care are welcome to visit the home prior to admission, to stay for lunch or tea or stay a few days and see if they think it is suitable.

Relatives, friends or representatives are welcome to come as many times as they need to in order to ascertain that the home is the right one.

We encourage people to visit several care homes in the area to get a “feel” of the type of homes that are available. People are encouraged to come without an appointment, as we feel that this offers a true picture of the home. If during the unplanned visit questions regarding financial matters arise, visitors may be asked to speak to a member of staff in the office.

We will always try to answer any questions that you may have around the financial arrangements that need to be made but more information can be found at: direct.gov or your financial advisor.

Clare Tredrea or Sarah Hughes visit everybody prior to admission to ensure that the home is able to meet their needs.

Emergency admission can be arranged for immediate access if the need arises, although wherever possible full assessment will still be carried out, obtaining information from relatives, doctors, and other specialists.

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